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Founded by Remy Spezzano in 1996, RZM PUBLISHING is an independent producer of top-quality reference books on the German armed forces of the Second World War. Employing state of the art printing technology, photo reproduction and graphic design, its highly acclaimed titles are on a qualitative par with leading photojournalistic editions. Combined with painstaking historical research and exacting editorial standards, RZM releases are truly in a class by themselves, representing a caliber of technical and aesthetic proficiency which is unequalled in the field of military photo book publishing.

The writers, researchers and designers who constitute the company’s creative team are not only consummate professionals in their respective disciplines, but they are also dedicated enthusiasts of the subject matter, dealing principally with the training, organization and combat histories of the Heer, Waffen-SS, and Luftwaffe ground forces from 1939 to 1945. From photo editing and restoration, to generating precision maps and orders of battle, with strict quality control exercised at every stage of production, no detail is overlooked to deliver the finest publications available. So prized are these titles that they invariably appreciate in value over time, although few relinquish possession of such exquisite collector’s pieces, preferring to retain them for years of continued enjoyment. 

Publisher Remy Spezzano