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RZM Publishing PLATZ DER LEIBSTANDARTE A Photo Study of the SS-Panzer Grenadier Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" and the Battle for Kharkov January-March 1943

Author(s): George M. Nipe & Remy Spezzano

Language(s): English text

Format: Hardcover w/dust jacket, 8.5" x 11"

Pages: 296 pages

Photos: 516 Duotone wartime photos, 8 color portraits

Maps: 8 tactical maps

Published: 1st edition, March 2002

ISBN: 9780965758420

2nd Edition, August 2006



A Photo Study of the SS-Panzer Grenadier Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" and the Battle for Kharkov January-March 1943

In the first months of 1943, the SS-Panzer Grenadier Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" was involved in all phases of the series of operations in the complex Kharkov campaign. During the initial defensive fighting, the division held its sector for two weeks against the full weight of the Soviet 3rd Tank Army, a remarkable feat in itself. After the city fell, "Leibstandarte" withdrew to a new defensive position and protected the important supply rail center at Krasnograd while the "Das Reich" and "Totenkopf" divisions executed the first phase of the counterattack. When the 3rd Tank Army began its move south to block the advance of these two SS divisions “Leibstandarte" carried out raids and interdictory strikes that disrupted the Soviet realignment and weakened the army¹s fighting power.

Once having rejoined the SS-Panzerkorps, after taking part in the destruction of the Kegitschevka pocket, "Leibstandarte" led the way back to the city of Kharkov. Dynamic young officers such as Kurt Meyer, Max Wunsche and Jochen Peiper personally led attack columns that struck deep into the city, eventually forcing the Russian troops to abandon Kharkov.

When "Leibstandarte's" role in each phase of Manstein¹s Kharkov counterattack is taken into consideration it is clear why its men, after enduring the losses necessary to retake the city¹s blood stained streets and ruined buildings, renamed the enormous Red Square as "Platz der Leibstandarte." Beautifully reproduced wartime photos, and compelling captions by author George Nipe illustrate in incredible detail the men, equipment, weapons, and vehicles used in this decisive Eastern Front battle.

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Tank


"Rare is the book that provides pictures that are actually related to the text provided. Even rarer still are pictures that capture in sequence the entire event. Such is the case with this volume. From start to finish the reader is presented with a sequence of photographs that literally document aspects of the complete campaign for Kharkov in the winter of 1943."

- Ozark Trail Outrider

"The collection of photos is truly amazing and one can tell that each photo was delicately and faithfully reproduced from the original prints or contact sheets. Many of the photos have never been published previously. The types of photos range from combat, staged shots, rest, award ceremonies, and the behind the scenes type activities. A nice synopsis of the battle of Kharkov to give you an idea of the overall picture. Superb captions for each photo written by George Nipe."

- Joseph Burgard

"This has to be the best military photo history that I've seen. The pictures gave a real feeling of being there, and captured for me the essence of what was going in Germany's last major success in the East.

The book is an absolute must for all students of the Eastern Front struggle."

- Tony Stansfield

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